One fine day. 8th February, 2014.

Once there was a guy. Just a normal, regular guy. He loved watching movies. So he used to watch a lot of them. He made an obsessive habit out of it. He couldn’t go for 24 hours without watching at least one film. Watching two movies in one day was normal to him. He was happy and kept his eyes and ears open to that world. This went on for three years, and is still continuing. His visits to the local multiplex became more often than usual when they started showing something other than the formulaic crap they used to show every Friday.

This guy sat through many, many films; either in the darkness of the theater, or the darkness of his room – wondering when a major breakthrough will come which will shatter his mind. It came many times, in movies like Into The Wild, The Dark Knight, Trainspotting, Forrest Gump, WALL•E, Pulp Fiction and many such universally loved classics.

But he always thought he was missing something. Through hundreds of diverse films, comics, and an array of books; he searched vociferously for something he could not yet define. It took a lot of time, but he finally realized what he was looking for: a piece of fiction which would give him the greatest experience of his life WHEN HE LEAST EXPECTED IT TO.

Maybe there is some thing called telepathy, because Phil Lord and Christopher Miller listened to his wishes. And the wishes of millions of other film geeks. They created something so dazzlingly original, so exceptionally funny, so unbelievably smart and so impossibly deep and inspiring; that it broke new ground in the history of cinema. They called it: The LEGO Movie. The prophesy came true. This guy was shattered. When he least expected it.

I am indebted to all individuals who dedicated their time, hard work, and creativity to the creation of this masterpiece. It is gorgeously animated, brimming with such God-level detailing; that you’ll be hanging your jaw wide in astonishment till it falls off and hits the floor. There’s a tirelessly intelligent, humorous, and profound script at work which lashes towards us – carrying with it a hurricane of whip-smart laughs and suppressed cries.

The LEGO Movie crushes all the prejudices that exist against an animated film, and races away excitingly into the horizon with all the awards my mind can think of. This is not just the most brilliant film in recent times, it is also the most important. This is THE one cinematic experience I’ll be telling my kids about.

Running in your nearest multiplex for a limited time. Do not miss.




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