Imtiaz Ali is back. Time to rejoice.

I waited for Highway. I got distracted for Highway. I worried myself with expectations for Highway. I almost failed my main exam today for Highway. And it was totally worth it.

Highway is undoubtedly a very subjective film, EVERY single person who watches it will watch a different film and go home with a different feeling. Imtiaz Ali’s new offering is unconventional, dark and gorgeous – so breathtakingly gorgeous. Irshad Kamil’s lyrics and Rahman’s score enrich the narrative, soaking it in a torrential rush of raw emotion and meaning. Coupled with Anil Mehta’s camera and Alia Bhatt’s surprisingly naturalistic acting, the result is a cinematic gem. This is just her second feature film as an actress and she is so terrific it boggles the mind.

And there’s the man behind the vision: Sir Imtiaz Ali. I wish he would never stop making movies for us. If Highway does not clean the dust of everyday life from your soul, I don’t know what will. This is a cathartic experience of a higher order, which refuses to be spoonfed. You will have to earn it.


The question, then, isn’t if Highway is good enough for you. The real question is, are you good enough for it?


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