Quote from Why Don’t You Play in Hell? (2013).

Gonzo filmmaking, a renegade crew of young auteurs (who call themselves the Fuck Bombers), a brewing yakuza war, and a shitload of manic blood-splattering mayhem: Shion Sono’s unrestrained monster of a film reminded me of Kill Bill without making me miss it.

Why Don’t You Play in Hell can simply be enjoyed as a gleeful string of senseless misadventures of a few people. Or, it can be used as a pool for the young cinephile in you to splash around in – there are innumerable great and terribly used (purposefully madcap) cinematic quirks that will give your guarded aesthetic senibilities a tectonic shake. Forget logic, or unity of time, space and action. Leave realism and spiritual ecstasies at the door.

Welcome to the domain of pure insanity.


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