Quote from Better Call Saul (2015-).

“I’m open to the universe.”

Season 2 premiere of this deliciously goofy show is an ace. You have to be a genius to make something as enduring as Breaking Bad, but you have to be something beyond that to make a successor that is worthy of that name, those characters and that universe.

Better Call Saul is incredible in its ability to draw us in visually, talk about existential ennui, capitalism; and at the same time, juggle copious amount of humor, beautifully protracted character arcs, and fuck with its own timeline, sometimes do all of it in the same scene. So much so, that at this juncture (especially this episode), it is physically painful to see Jimmy (or S.G., as we would have him) settle into a comfy, honest job. Ironically enough, he is a straight crook to his very bones, and that is precisely why we love him.

This is fictional gold right here, people. Dig in.


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