Still from Utopia (2013-2014).

Twelve episodes aired (2 seasons of six each), and this is easily the most violently surreal, mind-bending and incredibly well-written television show I’ve seen in a long time. I strongly recommend this show to anyone who’s interested in anything besides the usual romance/magic/superhero/rags-to-riches/crime tripe thrown at us every day. Utopia will, at the very least, blow your goddamn mind to pieces and make you stay up at night wondering what kind of world we’re leaving for the next generation.

It is endlessly inventive, absolutely freaking gorgeous to look at, and a delight to deconstruct. A shining marvel of postmodern storytelling without apparent shape and form.

PS: If you do start to watch the show due to someone’s suggestion, please dive headlong into it without reading anything about it. Even one line of synopsis can severely damage your experience. Trust the old tabula rasa approach on this one.


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