Quote from The World’s End (2013).

Beer. Friendship. The cold stare of wacky irresponsibility. The unnatural imbalance between the age of your body and your mind. The Starbucking of your favorite pub/restaurant/cafe, robbing them of any discernible character. Growing up without growing old. School memories. The part of alcohol in those school memories. Names for bands that never happened. Pretending your mom died to score sympathy. Hitting on your best friend’s pretty sister. Stretching the limits of just how inappropriate and and politically incorrect you can be in one day. Lying to a police officer who stops your car on a road trip. Aliens. Weed. Laughter where it is the last response you’d expect. Carving cruel and unfunny nicknames onto the roof with a switchblade. Becoming another person entirely without realizing it. Memory as an unreliable beast. Corporate takeover of a string of culturally relevant corners. Realizing it is okay to furiously hate your hometown.

I would go on and on about the best film Edgar Wright has made so far (and that’s saying something, considering the  comedy-nukes in his filmography), but you get the idea.

This is movie magic.


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