Day #76, April 15th, 2016.

Still from How to Train Your Dragon (2010).

Dreamworks’ HTTYD stormed theaters and changed everyone’s perception of dragons. No longer (just) the fiery monsters who need to be slayed for victory, dragons could now be considered upsized versions of adorable cats. 

A coming-of-age film, an action-adventure, a buddy comedy, and an instant animation classic: all this rolled into a joint of dazzling colors in the landscape, a background for all the thrill to unfold.


Day #75, April 14th, 2016.

Quote from Shaun of The Dead (2004).

The first film in Edgar Wright’s Cornetto trilogy, Shaun of The Dead is the finest horror comedy I’ve seen. Not that it would have turned out any other way, considering Wright’s penchant for endlessly zany visual inventiveness, and his unnaturally effortless extraction of the exact amount of crazy, goofy, lovable and offensive from any characters played by Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

There is nothing to dislike here: the soundtrack keeps up with the film’s breathless narration, the quick-zooms and dry British humor all render a fantastic vision of a film funny to its very bones. Love.

Day #74, April 13th, 2016.

Still from 12 Monkeys (1995).

Just another one of those goddamn Terry Gilliam dystopian films. His signature marks are present all over the movie: people tumbling into insanity, phenomenally detailed production design, a death-like claustrophobia permeating each frame, incredible performances and a story whose end and beginning cancel each other out in the most unexpected of ways.

A true sci-fi classic. Your internal notions of predictability and continuity will feel like they’re being dissolved in a vat of acid.

Day #73, April 12th, 2016.

Still from True Detective Season One (2014).

I’ll be doing a long string of posts on the first season of True Detective, stretching out oblong theories about why I feel like Rust Cohle since the moment I got acquainted with his warped, and disturbingly relatable view of the world.

But for now, this statement will do. The show’s second season was a disappointment, so I just re-watched the first one again. Some of the finest television ever made. McConaughey and Harrelson are aces, and so is the direction, the cinematography, the editing and the ridiculously quotable script. Goddamn this show.